Alcohol Dependency Symptoms

Alcohol Dependency

Alocohol Dependency can destroy the life of the user and hurt the lives of the ones around them. Getting help is important not only for the individual but for the friends and family of the individual. If you or someone you love is in need of help with Alocoholism we can help!!! Below are 10 signs to look out for if you believe you or someone you love is having a problem with Alcohol.

Drinking Alone

By drinking alone, one tries to hide their drinking from others. This gives the user a false sense of security but more importantly, it shows that the user would rather have the bottle for company than to be social with friends and family.

Making Excuses or Finding Excuses to Drink

Leaving suddenly, not attending events the individual would normally never miss, disappearing for days at a time, lying about where they are going or what they are doing. These are all common signs of somone with an Alocohol Addiction.

Daily or Frequent Drinking Needed to Function

When an individual needs a drink to simply get out of bed (eye opener), carrying a flask or bottle on them all of the time, and taking a drink during stressful situations or before work can all be symptoms of someone addicted to Alcohol.

Inability to Stop or Reduce Alcohol Intake

This is one of the more obvious signs, but when someone cannot stop drinking or they cannot lessen the amount they are drinking daily then they may have a problem.

Violent Episodes Associated with Drinking

One whom has episodes of violent outbreaks over minor issues or for no reason may have a problem with Alcohol. Throwing things and/or breaking items is also common during these episodes. Some individuals begin to abuse their spouse and/or their children during these episodes or rage.

Drinking Secretly

This one is similar to drinking alone, but one may “sneak” off for a few minutes to have a drink. They may also say they are going one place but end up going to the bar instead.

Becoming Angry When Confronted About Drinking

If the individual becomes angry or even violent when confronted about their drinking they may have a serious problem. Someone without a problem with Alcohol is not going to explode on you for asking them about their drinking.

Poor Eating Habits

Individuals may not eat for days, but more commonly, the individual will not eat the average 3 meals a day. Missing breakfast, lunch and dinner is not uncommon. The individuals mind is not telling the individual to eat, but rather to drink instead. Drinking takes place of life’s most basic activities.

Failure to Care for Physical Appearance

Failing to shave, get hair cuts, take showers, change clothes, etc. Can be a sign that someone is not living like they once had.

Trembling or Shaking in the Morning

The first withdrawal symptoms from Alcohol are shaking and/or trembling. After sleeping for a few hours one’s body is in need of Alcohol and will show you in number of ways. This is one of them.

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