What Makes Us Different?

Simply put, our ultimate goal here at A New Crossroad is to get you or your loved one off of any sort of addictive drug – permanently. We want to help you get your life back. Many addiction clinics serve as pill-mills, giving a prescription and setting you off on your merry way. Because these medications can be addictive in and of themselves, this can be a dangerous and life-long investment. Rather than take such a cavalier attitude towards such a serious issue, we provide every possible facility to help you towards your goal of freedom. Research has shown that while medication-assisted treatment is powerful by itself, the presence of the word ‘assisted’ is important.

Research shows that the most effective treatment for drug use and abuse the combination of medication-assisted recovery with regular counseling and therapy. Thus, in addition to our medication offerings, we also offer three different highly-qualified therapists for regular visits. We require that each of our patients visit the office for therapy at least once per month. We also offer several different weekly meetings for our patients because we believe that community and positive reinforcement can go a long way.

At A New Crossroad, we want to help you get free. That’s why we’re willing to work as hard as you are to see you towards your goal. We are recovering addicts helping addicts recover. Our therapists care deeply for their patients, and we have a proven track record of getting our patients off of narcotics once and for all. Just take a look at our testimonials page!