What Makes Us Different?

We want to help you get your life back. Many addiction clinics serve as pill-mills, giving a prescription and sending you off on your merry way. Because these medications can be addictive in and of themselves, this can be a dangerous and life-long investment. Rather than being like the rest, we provide every possible facility to help you towards your goal of freedom.

Research shows that the most effective treatment for drug use and abuse is the combination of medication-assisted treatment with individual and group counseling. Thus, in addition to medications, we offer addiction counseling as part of our program. We require that each of our clients visit the office for counseling at least once per month. We also offer two weekly meetings which are available to everyone, even after treatment has concluded.

We are recovering people, helping people recover. Our staff not only know how to get you started in treatment, but also how to get you OFF.  We have a tremendous amount of experience with detoxing people the right way, using non-narcotic, alternative medications to make the process as pain free as possible.