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Our Professional Approach

A New Crossroad was formed in 2002 as a response to the DATA 2000 Act which sought to bring medication-assisted (MAT) treatment for opioid use disorder and other substance abuse disorders into the office-based setting, removing it from more intense and often unobtainable treatment centers. The premise behind this program is increasing availability and long-term sustainability of substance abuse treatment, based on evidence-based practices proven to improve outcomes for those suffering from these ailments. 

Unlike inpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs and methadone clinics, MAT is based around the patient actively living his or her life while engaging in meaningful recovery. It is easier to access, more accommodating to individuals with families and jobs, and is focused on the long-term work of recovery that exists well beyond when an individual makes that first step toward ending the cycle of illicit drug use. Medically trained providers such as physicians and nurse practitioners oversee the use of appropriate medication therapies, in conjunction with sustained Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) performed by trained counselors, many in recovery themselves.

What We Do

Providers use a variety of tools to address the multifaceted needs of those in recovery, including short and long-acting formulations of buprenorphine, injectables, opioid “blockers,” and treatments for the comorbid conditions that so often go hand-in-hand with addiction such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and others. At A New Crossroad, patients will be offered genomic testing, enhanced behavioral health screening, and appropriate referral to local resources as needed, plus much more. Staff includes counselors, providers, administrative assistants and behavioral health specialists. We treat ages 16 and above. We invite families, children and significant others to sessions whenever needed, as we believe the community around a recovering user is integral to their healing and success. On on-call service is available 24/7 for crisis management and urgent admissions.

A Word About Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine is an opioid agonist-antagonist; this means that they both use the same receptors as substances like heroin and painkillers, and also blocks these drugs from being able to work if taken concurrently. It does not produce a “high” and is much safer than opioids. In effect, it acts as a placeholder to prevent withdrawal and support a person’s mood and well-being, allowing time for CBT and other therapies to improve the patients’ overall outlooks while we help them deal with the underlying causes of their addiction. While at A New Crossroad we believe abstinence is a legitimate goal, we recognize that scientific evidence suggests rates of relapse and death increase if complete abstinence is achieved too quickly. We use buprenorphine as one of many tools to achieve abstinence gradually, usually in 12-24 months. In some cases, patients will need this treatment long-term. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis to determine the healthiest course of action for that person.

Cost of Treatment

A New Crossroad currently accepts most major medical insurance plans, including Medicare, some Medicaid plans, and other managed plans. Please call us or send an inquiry through the website for more information and to verify your individual eligibility. We also have a competitive cash pay pricing structure that reduces cost as patients become more stable, and a novel transitional feature into a primary care setting where medication needs as well as other healthcare issues can be addressed long term by providers that understand the role substance use and recovery has in overall health and well-being. Contact us for information and to set up a complimentary consult!

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