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Injectable Buprenorphine

We now provide "Sublocade", the once monthly buprenorphine injection. This new medication removes the hassle of having to take "something" every day.
It can also help with the detox process and serve as a way to get OFF buprenorphine.

Medication Assisted Treatment

We use a variety of medications to assist in the recovery from addiction. 
Types of addiction/drug use include:
-Opioids​​ (pain killers, heroin, kratom)


At A New Crossroad, we offer individual counseling by counselors in long-term recovery. Actually, our entire staff is in recovery.
Our counseling services are included with our MAT program, up to 4 sessions per month.

Treatment Programs

It's not always easy to decide that you need help for addiction or any other behavioral health problem. And now, with the positive decision made, there are many more steps ahead of you! You'll want a rehabilitation center where they genuinely listen and have one-on-one conversations on an empathetic level - doing anything less will only make your recovery so much harder.

We Offer:

Behavioral Health
Addiction Counseling:
Family Counseling
Alcohol Detoxification


Polysubstance Abuse Treatment
Genomic Testing
ADHD Treatment
Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment
Individualized treatment plans.

Looking For A Place To Start?